Online Courses

· Video-based programme
· Online guided writing and correction
· More than a 100 hours of online active practice that   ensure effective learning
· Optional video conferences

· Four essential levels:
  • Elementary: EL1 – EL2 – EL3
  • Pre-intermediate: PI1 – PI2 – PI3
  • Intermediate: IN1 – IN2 – IN3
  • Upper-intermediate: UI1 – UI2 – UP3
· Evaluations online and electronic certification
  · Interactive tasks to practise listening, reading,   vocabulary and grammar
· Simulated role-plays with voice recording device
· Additional downloadable tasks depending on the   student’s needs and progress

A different pace to fit a different schedule:
  • Regular: 9 months each level
  • Semi-intensive: 6 months each level
  • Intensive: 3 months each level

· More options to cater for other interests and learning styles:
  • Free access to T.A.L.E.S. ´ community of online learners
  • Weekly lesson plans with video conference for those students who need a more structured kind of work
  • Tailor-made courses for companies and institutions

Learn English wherever you are at your own pace!