Let technology step into your classroom.

Three-week online workshops along the year: organize your own schedule!

Top-issues in a Nutshell … just for the busy teacher:

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  • Mightier than the Pen? – Computer & Internet-based Writing Projects
    Updated! (Code: 1215)
  • A Joint Venture – Multimedia Projects in ELT
    Most acclaimed! (Code: 1232)
  • A Click away - Internet Tools & Practical Ideas
    Updated to suit new demands! (Code: 1229)
  • Where is the Treasure? – Web Quests in ELT
    Brightened up! (Code: 1211)
  • Squeezing Planning Time! – Templates & the Internet
    New! (Code: 1213)
  • A Click away – More Internet Tools & Practical Ideas
    New! (Code: 1203)
  • iWhiteBoards Everywhere – Activities Galore!
    Updated! (Code: 1208)
  • All-inclusive – The Internet & Integrated Skills Online and blended teaching
    New version! (Code: 1212)
· Face-to-Face or Online Workshops for teacher development:
  • Opened on demand or advertised in the “News” section
  • Two / Four-week workshops
  • Use of T.A.L.E.S. ´ Virtual Campus as mode of delivery or as support
  • Practical ideas
  • Collaborative tasks
  • Ready-made activities
  • Special packages for schools
  • Discounts on early-bird registration
· Tailor-made webinars to suit your needs


“The primary reason technology has failed up to its expectations is that it has been viewed as an answer to the wrong question.” Jane David